Celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival

ISBN10: 1602209685
ISBN13: 9781602209688
Number Of Pages: 32
Publication Date: 20100910
Publisher: Tuttle
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781602209688
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In these charming volumes, Little Mei asks her grandfather about each of the four different Chinese celebrations represented.

He tells her the stories of Nian and the monster Xi (Chinese New Year); Qu Yuan, a patriotic poet who loved his kingdom (Dragon Boat Festival); the Jade Emperor of Heaven who ordered the earth to be destroyed by fire (Lantern Festival); and Hou Yi who shot down the suns (Mid-Autumn Festival).

In Celebrating the Dragon Boat FestivalLittle Mei wants to know why she must wear a special scented pouch to ward off the evil spirits. Grandpa tells her the story of Qu Yuan, a patriotic poet who loved his kingdom. Includes a quick recipe for zongzi, sticky rice balls wrapped in reed leaves.