M.N. Srinivas

ISBN10: 8131600599
ISBN13: 9788131600597
Number Of Pages: 288
Publication Date: 20070101
Publisher: IPG
Binding: Hardback
SKU: 9788131600597
"M.N. Srinivas is like a colossus in social science research in India. Known for his empirical and analytical approaches in studying continuity and change in Indian society, Srinivas has developed a number of concepts. Some scholars have agreed with his concepts while some others have strong reservations and disagreement. But it is difficult to remain indifferent to what he has contributed. The book takes a fresh look into Srinivas' concepts and contributions to the field. It contains reminiscences, appreciations and critical evaluations of Srinivas by a number of social scientists in India, including some of his students. As some scholars have covered similar theme, some overlap in the presentations was bound to happen and this has been retained deliberately following Srinivas' own dictum that social reality, when looked from different viewpoints, enhances its understanding. The book will be useful for social scientists in general as well as social anthropologists and sociologists in particular."