Globalizing Cities

ISBN10: 8131600610
ISBN13: 9788131600610
Number Of Pages: 432
Publication Date: 20070101
Publisher: IPG
Binding: Hardback
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"Towards the end of the 20th century city re-emerged as a unit of analysis and globalization as an important context for analyzing social transformation and dynamics shaping the society. A city is the site where micro and macro social processes and global and local contexts can be articulated and observed. Urbanologists and social scientists have so far focused on those cities, which have been greatly benefitted by globalization. A lot of literature has come about on the cities in the developed countries but cities in the developing countries have not been studied much. These cities are not `global' but `globalizing cities'. The present book anthologizes various aspects of segregation in globalizing cities of ten developing countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America, which have been differently affected by globalization. Social issues at stake may be common to the developing countries; yet, the global contexts may have different connotations and consequences in the local structures. The main objective of this anthology is to study the socio-spatial segregation and inequalities that have emerged in such globalizing cities under the impact of globalization forces and local social structures."