Environmental Geography

ISBN10: 8170339014
ISBN13: 9788170339014
Number Of Pages: 424
Publication Date: 20040101
Publisher: IPG
Binding: Hardback
SKU: 9788170339014
"The whole fabric of a geographical study is based on man-environment relationship. Environmental degradation is intimately associated with the intensifying human impact on his surroundings. Right from the beginning, geographers have not only discussed the various components of an ecosystem and their impact on man but also examined the environmental problems, both global and regional, as well as the question of sustainable development. The present book is an interdisciplinary analysis of the natural and anthropogenic components, and therefore, a prerequisite for planning and development.This book offers comprehensive and up-to-date geographical information on all the aspects of the environment. It is an essential reading for the students of geography and environmental science. It will also be of value to a broader social science audience interested in the application of social knowledge to the understanding of environmental problems at the global and local scale."