Arrows Over Agincourt

ISBN10: 1849631220
ISBN13: 9781849631228
Number Of Pages: 153
Publication Date: 20120528
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781849631228
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1415. Davey and Tom, two eighteen-year old country lads looking for excitement, join Henry V's army despite their parents' and girlfriends' wishes. The king is determined to regain his lost French lands and the two lads, now archers, set sail for France hoping for adventures and the spoils of war. Their hopes of a glorious victory are shattered during the prolonged siege at Harfleur where they witness the death of thousands of their fellow soldiers. Eventually Henry's forces prevail but now his small and sickly army must march many miles to meet the over-confident enemy again at Agincourt. Will the dispirited English army have any chance this time? Will Davey and Tom return to England to marry their sweethearts? Based on much historical research, this novel gives the reader a new and distinctive insight into one of England's finest military moments.