Aquarius Drawing

ISBN10: 1849630429
ISBN13: 9781849630429
Number Of Pages: 385
Publication Date: 20111028
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781849630429
The exploits of Molly; a 'Corporate' daughter of the 2030s, discovering the life of the Aquarian hippies. England, ejected from the European Federation, all alone in the world! The Tories are in power and old 'Bill' is secure on his throne, despite half his subjects having 'dropped out'. A world where great Corporations call the tune, but many refuse to follow the piper; where some of today's more outrageous social trends have become the way of life. Where much remains as now, but quite a lot has changed. The invention of a Domestic Self Sufficiency Unit, its promise for the New Age, its threat to the establishment initiates the beautiful Molly's progress from obscure schoolgirl to fortune and world fame. If the road seems at times conveniently fated, perhaps that is because with Aquarius dawning the rules have started to change.