Applied Case Studies in Marketing

ISBN10: 9380607113
ISBN13: 9789380607115
Number Of Pages: 556
Publication Date: 20110715
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
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The 2008 recession brought to the fore one of the most significant criticisms levelled at higher education: that business education did not prepare students to deal with market turbulence. B-schools realized that to remain viable, both the process and content of marketing curriculum had to be substantially revised to match the needs of global businesses, especially in times of market turbulence. This book focuses on the analysis of the marketing environment, STP marketing, relationship marketing and Internet-based marketing. These come supported with visuals, insights and illustrations from current marketing trends. While focusing on SWOT, PEST ANOSFF Matrix/ GE Matrix, Five Forces Model and STP marketing, the emphasis on basic marketing principles has been reduced. The enclosed CD contains presentations strongly grounded in IT-enabled marketing and 4 sections on Concept, Product and Sector Focus; Corporate Insights; Suggested Readings and; Working Projects. Salient Features Carries substantial coverage of IT-enabled marketing concepts and marketing campaigns, companies and packages in the current marketing environment. Discusses marketing post-recession, and specifically the Indian market, in the post-recession scenario. E.g., Hindustan Unilever Ltd and even smaller retail enterprises like Vishal Retail, Subhiksha Stores, Big Bazaar and Food Bazaar. Studies technological revolutions including Broadband and 3G interventions, Web-based marketing and social media and their use in the digital market place. Carries Six Indian Case Studies: Spreading Mobile Culture Through 3G Revolution; Rivalry Off the Air: Saga of Kingfisher and Jet Airways; The Great Indian Retail Story under Test; The Heat of Recession and Destocking: Can HUL Overcome the Pressure?; Building DTH PC Segment: Portfolio for Creative Solutions Ltd., and; Nokia Connects the World.