Antipasti Made Easy

ISBN10: 184537827X
ISBN13: 9781845378271
Number Of Pages: 80
Publication Date: 20071101
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781845378271
Think of Italy and you think of good food! Italian food is very varied and uses all kinds of cheeses, vegetables, meats and breads to create an array of tasty dishes. Antipasti -- those delicious dishes served in Italy before the main meal -- are incredibly versatile: they can be hot or cold, and can cover everything from bruschetta, soups, salads, cured meats and seafood to courgette flowers. Put one or two dishes together and you have a light lunch, or prepare several dishes for great party food. Many of the recipes have variations and all the recipes are very simple to follow. Beautifully presented and with helpful advice on choosing ingredients and serving your food the Italian way, this book will allow you to create delightful antipasti for any occasion.