Anne of Green Gables Puzzle Book

ISBN10: 1554550408
ISBN13: 9781554550401
Number Of Pages: 64
Publication Date: 20070619
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781554550401
Anne Shirley, the freckle-faced, hot-tempered girl who arrived at Green Gables as an orphan, is almost 100 years old!

Yet every year she wins the hearts of more and more fans around the world. This collection of puzzles is designed especially for the readers of L. M. Montgomery's wonderful book about Anne and her topsy-turvy life on Prince Edward Island.

The 50 puzzles touch every part of Anne's life at Green Gables: the people who fill her world, the scrapes she gets into, the outlandish things she says. Included are crosswords, which range from easy to difficult. There are also word searches, with solutions that hold secret messages. Some puzzles-called match-ups-require matching names in the first column with statements in the second column. Others require simple decoding skills in order to come up with a famous Anne quotation from the book. This is a puzzle book packed full of brain-teasing challenges for all ages.

  • Puzzles for a wide range of readers and puzzle solvers
  • Crosswords, match-ups, word searches, and coded messages
  • Art by award-winning illustrator Muriel Wood
  • Includes solutions