Anna and the Garden Fairy: Anna's Little Black Bear

ISBN10: 1571975012
ISBN13: 9781571975010
Number Of Pages: 20
Publication Date: 20091009
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Hardback
SKU: 9781571975010
Anna and the Garden Fairy: Anna's Little Black Bear is a story of little girl named Anna and her extraordinary best friend, Emmalina the garden fairy. After a particularly fun-filled day at the zoo, Anna loses her favorite new toy, her little black bear. Distraught, Anna calls upon Emmalina for help in finding him. Even though she is sleepy from their busy day of play, Emmalina is there for her friend no matter what. Together they retrace their steps and search high and low for the little black bear. Anna and the Garden Fairy introduces children to a make-believe world through fourteen full-color illustrations and easy-to-read text. As Anna endures her stressful situation and overcomes it with Emmalina's support, young children will learn the value of true friendship.