Angels Come in All Shapes & Sizes

ISBN10: 193850125X
ISBN13: 9781938501258
Number Of Pages: 114
Publication Date: 20130601
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Hardback
SKU: 9781938501258
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Hevine Schmidt and her family own a Rescue/Sanctuary  ranch in Colorado. These animals come back to visit after they die. As a result of her experience, she was inspired to write, Angels Come in All Shapes and Sizes, a true dedication to love of animals that began when she was a child.  This true story about respecting and caring for our animal friends while they are here on earth reminds us of our spiritual connections with them through life and death. What she did not realize is how much the animals would change her life. For more info, log onto or, or follow Facebook Hevine Schmidt - Author, Twitter @AlHevineSchmidt.  Enjoy listening to Hevine's interview with world renowned radio host, T Love on Much appreciation goes out to Pueblo and Colorado Spring's Barnes and Nobles Bookstores for amazing book signings and thanks so much to St. Paws Grand Reopening Event for a spectacular success for the animals.  In 2009, she authored Every Precious Moment, a coffee-table book created transcending cancer through courageous dedications and spectacular photographs of nature. Hevine is currently working on a children's series and a novel.