And Also Sharks

ISBN10: 1770860037
ISBN13: 9781770860032
Number Of Pages: 238
Publication Date: 20110315
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781770860032
Finalist for the 2012 Danuta Gleed Literary Award A 2011 Globe and Mail Top 100 book One of Kobo's Best Ebooks of 2011 The forlornly funny stories in And Also Sharks celebrate the socially awkward, the insecure, the unfulfilled, and the obsessed. A disgruntled follower of a self-esteem blog posts a rambling critical comment. On the hunt for the perfect coffee table, a pregnant woman and her husband stop to visit his terminally ill ex-wife. The office cat lady reluctantly joins her fellow employees' crusade to cheer up their dying co-worker. A man grieving his wife's miscarriages follows his deluded friend on a stealth photo-taking mission at the Auto Show. A shoplifter creates her own narrative with stolen anecdotes and a kidnapped baby. In this collection, society's misfits and losers are portrayed sympathetically, and sometimes even heroically. As desperately as these characters long to fit in, they also take pride in what sets them apart.