An Eagle and Its Talons

ISBN10: 1938002121
ISBN13: 9781938002120
Number Of Pages: 386
Publication Date: 20131101
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781938002120
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In the summer of 1914 love finds Jeanne DeReadt in the form of a young and handsome Belgian lieutenant. The young lovers go on a clandestine picnic with their friends, and the idyllic day and evening will be forever burned into Jeanne's memory. By date's end, WWI has begun, Belgium is invaded and they are at gunpoint before a German officer. The mechanizations of a small country desperately trying to remain neutral at the onslaught of the Great World War have far reaching impacts on its citizens. From Jeanne's rash cousin Emiel to her first love Michael, all will be measured with unerring precision by the scales of war. Horrific crimes against humanity during Belgium's rubber and ivory trade are unearthed, and this same contempt of fellow human-beings is revisited on a country as a whole. In the midst of this, Jeanne is left with struggling to save her father, feed her family by smuggling food and accept the loss of her own youth and innocence. For this one season, no one escapes the Eagle and its Talons as its shadow sweeps ominously over all of Europe.