Amoora Trilogy

ISBN10: 1922036811
ISBN13: 9781922036810
Number Of Pages: 400
Publication Date: 20131015
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
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Arriving in the holiday town of Amoora to spend the long, hot summer with her family, young Anne could not have known what adventures the sleepy coastal town would hold. Nor would she have guessed how much the place and its people would take hold of her heart over the years to come. The stories contained in the Amoora Trilogy (Anne's Holiday, Return to Amoora and Summer's End) follow Anne's adventures on her holidays in Amoora -- from when she first arrives as a 10-year-old, to when she returns as a maturing 15-year-old and then again as a headstrong young woman of 19. Forming a special friendship with John, the local boat-owner's son, Anne learns to surf and fish, plays a part in solving a local mystery and experiences frightening bushfires and storms. But more importantly, Anne confronts the challenges of growing up -- including her new feelings for her old friend, John...