Amazing Frozen Hairstyle Tricks

ISBN10: 1940787173
ISBN13: 9781940787176
Number Of Pages: 48
Publication Date: 20150715
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781940787176
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Amazing Frozen Hairstyle Tricks is filled with great ideas for achieving the natural beauty of Anna and Elsa’s lovely hair as well as fantastic tips for creating beautiful temporary hair colors. 

You will learn how to make your hair look thicker, how to use brushes, combs, and curlers, how to hide elastic bands, and other techniques to replicate the styles of the beloved Disney princesses.

What’s more, the book also reveals the temporary hair coloring secrets that only professional hairstylists know.  Yet these tips are so simple that anyone can use them. You will learn how to apply chalk to lighten your hair, which cosmetics make great temporary coloring, what egg whites will do, and much more.

This beautiful and useful book is the perfect companion to Disney Frozen Hairstyles and Disney Frozen Hairstyles 2. Filled with full color photographs and illustrations, Amazing Frozen Hairstyle Tricks reveals the magic of hair care and temporary coloring for everyone.