Amazing Frozen Hair Accessories

ISBN10: 1940787181
ISBN13: 9781940787183
Number Of Pages: 48
Publication Date: 20150715
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781940787183
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Amazing Frozen Hair Accessories is the perfect guide for creating your very own hair accessories inspired by the Frozen princesses, Anna and Elsa!

Each project is fully illustrated with easy-to-follow instructions.  You will learn how to decorate your hair with ribbons, bows, and flowers; create Frozen hairpins and headbands, and design other accessories that capture the styles of the royal sisters from Arendelle.

The book also includes many practical tips such as how to make hair accessories stay in place and much more.

This idea-packed  book is the perfect companion to Disney Frozen Hairstyles and Disney Frozen Hairstyles 2. Amazing Frozen Hair Accessories will motivate readers with its delightful projects and beautiful illustrations.