Amazing Animal Adventures Around the World

ISBN10: 1894856228
ISBN13: 9781894856225
Number Of Pages: 48
Publication Date: 20041014
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781894856225
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Silver Birch Award shortlist, 2005

Fifth House is GOING WILD with a new children's nonfiction adventure series. The first of eight books features world-famous zoologist Brian Keating and his travels to experience unique ecosystems and observe animals from pole-to-pole and around the equator.

Amazing Animal Adventures Around the World is a nature book like no other, as children learn about wildlife, the environment, and conservation through first-person accounts from one of Canada's foremost animal
adventurers. In this book, lavishly illustrated by his own photographs, Keating describes ten of his most memorable wildlife-watching trips in his trademark
energetic and upbeat style.

Join Keating as he describes:

  • Miraculously escaping from a pride of charging lions in Africa on the scariest day of his life
  • Strolling down a penguin superhighway in Antarctica
  • Discovering (the hard way) the memorable defence mechanism of Norway's petrels - projectile vomiting
  • Marvelling at Borneo's amazing proboscis monkeys with their huge light-bulb noses dangling between their eyes
  • Looking into the eyes of Godzilla when getting up close-and-personal with marine iguanas in the Galapagos

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