Alonzo and the Meteorite

ISBN10: 1909428272
ISBN13: 9781909428270
Number Of Pages: 100
Publication Date: 20140323
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781909428270
Alonzo the Chicken wakes up one day to find the world in crisis. Dogs are�miaowing�and the sky is yellow!�Everthing's�topsy�turvy!� It turns out a meteorite has struck the earth and caused it to spin the wrong way. What on earth is a chicken to do! But don't worry. Alonzo has a plan to set things right. It's a preposterous plan involving the prime minister and several thousand birds. But you know what, it just might work.� Alonzo and the Meteorite is the second book in the Alonzo the Chicken series of books, a hugely imaginative story that's great fun for early readers.