Alonzo and Molly the Mermaid

ISBN10: 1909428000
ISBN13: 9781909428003
Number Of Pages: 56
Publication Date: 20130801
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781909428003
When Molly the Mermaid is kidnapped by the Pesky Pirates things don't look too clever. But then they hadn't reckoned on Alonzo, the world's first chicken superhero! With the help of Sid the Squid, Delores the Dolphin and the other sea creatures, our clucking hero swims in to save the day.   This cracking, first book in the 'The Adventures of Alonzo the Chicken' series, Alonzo and Molly the Mermaid is a barmy, maritime adventure for early readers. Debbie Kelly has written a fun and swashbuckling book which accompanied by Monika Filipina Trzpil's delightful illustrations will delight young readers. With mermaids, pirates and a superhero chicken this is great fun for boys and girls alike.