Aloe, The

ISBN10: 1907429085
ISBN13: 9781907429088
Number Of Pages: 89
Publication Date: 20101015
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
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Linda Burnell dreams, listless and distant, whilst downstairs her mother sets in order the family's new home in the New Zealand countryside. Her vigorous and exhausting husband, Stanley, is at the office, but will return with eager and admiring eyes. Her children prepare lunch on a concrete step and her sister sings love songs to an imaginary young man. This is The Aloe, which Katherine Mansfield wrote to crystallise the memories of her childhood. It was reworked to become her acclaimed Prelude. But the original is very different in style, detail and texture giving us both a wonderful short novel in its own right. The text has been prepared by Vincent O Sullivan, the renowned Mansfield scholar.