Aliens - All Mixed Up

ISBN10: 1889191221
ISBN13: 9781889191225
Number Of Pages: 12
Publication Date: 20080101
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Spiral bound
SKU: 9781889191225
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In this awesome Mix-and-Match book, you will be awestruck by the 1728 combinations of vibrant aliens.Intended for readers of all ages, these aliens aren t frightening, but fascinating.YOU will never read this book the same way twice!With the 1728 different combinations your reader will surely stay occupied in the car, in his bedroom, in her bath or wherever YOU see fit to carry 1728 aliens with you.Have you ever seen a book of this sizeholding so many characters? Oh what a surprise!There are one thousand seven hundred and twenty eight,alien combos, that s what makes this book great!You will mix them and match themWhile reading alongThe rhymes of the aliensWill read like a song!So read it at bedtime,and put aliens into your head!Then visions of spacewill invade your own bed!You will dream of the planets!You will soar past the stars!There is so much out there,beyond Martians and Mars!