Alex and the Color of the Wind

ISBN10: 0979201217
ISBN13: 9780979201219
Number Of Pages: 192
Publication Date: 20080201
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9780979201219
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One day in the prime of his life Alex, a successful architect, becomes obsessed with discovering the color of the wind. He heads out to sea in his yacht alone with no special destination in mind. Far from shore in the Atlantic Ocean, he encounters a beautiful, mysterious woman whose sensuous vitality open up a world of sight and sound he hasn't experienced before. She enflames his imagination and fills his sails with renewed dreams. Alex returns to his former life with a greater sense of wisdom and purpose, only to embark on another search. Told in poetic prose, Alex and the Color of the Wind is a romantic tale of the search for meaning, self-discovery and redemption. This romantic fable for our times affirms the power of the creative spirit in the often prosaic venues of our modern world.