Alcedo - A Collection Of Poems

ISBN10: 1849634661
ISBN13: 9781849634663
Number Of Pages: 60
Publication Date: 20150430
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781849634663

Alcedo presents forty original poems from Jeffrey Donoghue encompassing the depth and breadth of human experience, of life, love and death as well as tackling the largest of questions of existence and meaning. From poignant meditations on lost love to sober reflections on the future of the earth, Donoghue offers a contemplative and profound exploration of the mysteries and matters we all face in taut and thought-provoking poems. Infused with myth and religion, Donoghue's poetic voice resounds with deep feeling and originality as he moves between the personal and the public. A varied book of poems, Alcedo is a collection that speaks of the present, the past and the future in wonderful clarity.