Advantage Calculus

ISBN10: 1552440982
ISBN13: 9781552440988
Number Of Pages: 300
Publication Date: 20060530
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781552440988
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When it comes to Calculus, Physics, or Chemistry, students need these Advantage self-study guides.

Each Advantage study guide unravels the mystery, explains the theories, and provides the step-by-step practice and instructions to help students solve problems and prepare for exams.

Each guide contains the following invaluable tools:

  • a synopsis of course content
  • short tutorials
  • summarized terms and references
  • fully worked examples with explanations
  • practice problems with solutions (including a wide variety of problem types)
  • practice unit test with solutions
  • practice exams

Students who have mastered calculus, physics, and chemistry all talk of that breakthrough moment when what had seemed impenetrable was replaced with understanding, when suddenly what they had perceived as enormously difficult became incredibly clear.

The straightforward instructions in each of these valuable companions are designed to augment in-class learning. The tutorials and solved problems are there to clarify difficult concepts giving students the Advantage they need to achieve full understanding.

If you conscientiously do your work, success will follow. Calculus is worth the effort.

- Eugene Zassoko