Adoption Not an Option

As a young girl growing up in the foster care system, Eugenea burns with desire to reclaim her identity by finding the family she has lost. As a mother of four, she becomes determined never to lose her own children as her mother and grandmother had before her.

Her search for her adoptive brother, Josh, becomes Eugenea’s greatest quest. During the forty years of separation from her brother, she builds up an inner strength by unlocking the secrets of her past, understanding the generational patterns of guilt and shame, and developing her own techniques to restore the bonds of her fragmented family.

In narrating her incredible personal journey, Eugenea shares many positive tools for others to locate and reunite their family members, even when all hope seems lost.

ISBN10: 1771410256
ISBN13: 9781771410250
Number Of Pages: 290
Publication Date: 20140501
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781771410250
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Follow this family’s journey as they learn how to reclaim their identity and power. Elaine is a young mother who loses her five children to her abusive husband when he takes them and vanishes. Elaine’s middle child, Karina, endures a tumultuous childhood in her father’s company. Then, in her adult life, Karina’s three children are taken away by social services and she loses custody. Though separated, both Elaine and Karina share a tragic life of guilt and shame. Karina’s children spend their childhood between the doors of the orphanage and foster homes. The siblings are cut off from any contact with each other. At a young age, Karina’s middle child Eugenea has a burning desire to find her family and reunite with them so she can reclaim her identity and feel she is part of a family. As a mother of four, Eugenea is determined to overcome the odds of losing her children like her mother and grandmother did before her. Meanwhile, she pursues her search for her adoptive brother and has no leads. She must unlock the past and use her own techniques to succeed in her quest to reunite her family. Eugenea’s story teaches the positive ways to search, locate, and reunite when all hope seems lost. After forty years of separation from her brother, Eugenea shares how she reunited with her lost family members.