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Publication Date: 20100101
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At 6962m, Aconcagua is the highest peak outside the Himalayas and is accessible for both trekkers and mountaineers. The approach through Santiago and Mendoza is attractive with scope for equipping expeditions, and meeting the contrasting cultures in the region. Jim Ryan's book concentrates on the ascent of Aconcagua by the normal and Polish Glacier routes and great attention is given to preparation, equipment, health and handling the effects of altitude and the tough Andean climate.In addition, the trekking and mountaineering opportunities throughout the southern Andes are highlighted with treks in the Valecitos, Tupungato ranges and in the area around Santiago and Aconcagua itself, as well as background information to the region and its opening up as a climbing and trekking area.This is the most complete and up to date guide to the area and should materially improve the chances of completing the ascent safely and having an outstanding trip.