Accidental Singleton

ISBN10: 1780094523
ISBN13: 9781780094526
Number Of Pages: 208
Publication Date: 20140203
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781780094526
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The Accidental Singleton is a guide for women who find themselves single in the middle of their lives. Full of insightful tips and formulas, this light-hearted guide teaches you how to navigate your way through the choppy waters of being solo in your forties. The advantages of being on your own, how to appreciate the power of one, how to build on and make the most of your new single status, how to start dating again in midlife, the pitfalls and the excitement, the dreams, the desires and all that freedom and fun. Being single means you can be selfish, going to the gym instead of waiting for him to come home, finally having control of the remote. You can find you are having the best time of your life.