Abide With Me

ISBN10: 1907565124
ISBN13: 9781907565120
Number Of Pages: 150
Publication Date: 20131106
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781907565120
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10th May, 1975. Eight year old John watches his beloved West Ham win the cup, whilst at the same time, Kenny tumbles out the front door of the house opposite, blood all over his face. Fourteen years later, both boys' childhoods ripped apart in the broken streets of London's East End, John and Kenny find themselves frontin up local gangster, Ronnie Swordfish. John's got a lifetime of hurt to put right – for him and for Kenny. But with John layin on the ground half unconscious and Ronnie with a sword to Kenny's head, whatever way you look at it, it don't look good . . . ABIDE WITH ME is the story of two boys forced to walk blind into the darkness of their shattered lives . . . and their struggle to emerge as men.