A Year In The Life Of Some Guy

ISBN10: 1844330141
ISBN13: 9781844330140
Number Of Pages: 322
Publication Date: 20110928
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781844330140
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Tim Calgon wants to improve three things; his love life, his job and the size of little TimmyJr. (Ok, maybe he can't change the latter). Tim's next twelve months take various twists and turns, as we follow his quest for tantric happiness, job satisfaction and sexual enlightenment. His search for a life partner is potentially ended by a chance meeting in the pub (though Tim was smashed and nearly messed it up). Karen, a local NHS nurse, takes to Tim like noone else ever has, and soon becomes heavily involved in his life. Tim works at an estate agency, 'Mi Casa es Tu Casa', run by a fat wench known as 'The Gaffer'. Tim wants out, and is randomly touted as a potential director of a leading housing agency by its eccentric billionaire owner, Mike Hunt. Tim must complete three tasks to prove his worth.Together with Garth, Tim's desperately homosexual Glaswegian flatmate, A Year In The Life Of Some Guy depicts the ecstatic highs and suicidal lows of their next twelve months.