A Working Mother's GPS

ISBN10: 1948787083
ISBN13: 9781948787086
Number Of Pages: 250
Publication Date: 20190411
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781948787086
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If you’ve ever felt road-weary from trying to navigate new and difficult stages of parenting while also steering your career in the right direction, you know the stresses of the modern working mother. Atara Malach’s latest book is the roadmap you’ve been looking for to guide you on your parenting journey.

Atara’s time-tested program for regaining control of your home and career is based on the logical approach of leading with authority, trust and love. Using language you’re already familiar with, Atara’s methods are clearly stated, simple to implement, and grounded in practicality and flexibility. The techniques are adaptable for your family’s unique needs and easily transferable to your workplace.

(Atara Malach)