A Warrior's Quilt of Personal Military History

ISBN10: 1571975055
ISBN13: 9781571975058
Publication Date: 20110201
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Hardback
SKU: 9781571975058
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A Warrior's Quilt of Personal Military History isn't your typical history book. Brigadier General Albin F. Irzyk, USA (Ret.) writes as a participant of history in action, vividly delivering personal accounts of some of the most significant, often overlooked events in military history.These bold reflections on a lifelong career of military service take the reader through the heat of war and into the mindset of a military leader. Through these pages you will be taken into the heart of the 4th Armored Division, invited into the merciless gates of Ohrdruf (the first concentration camp to be liberated by the Allies), survive a harrowing embassy attack in Saigon, gain insight into great, influential leaders like Maj. Gen. John S. Wood and the legendary Gen. George S. Patton, and experience a 360-degree perspective of combat from the boots of an American Hero.A Warrior's Quilt of Personal Military History is a must read for the common layperson and history buff alike. Irzyk eloquently resurrects an understanding of some of the most important military events of our nation's history.