A Vietnam Vet's Remarkable Life

ISBN10: 1922036145
ISBN13: 9781922036148
Number Of Pages: 280
Publication Date: 20120601
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781922036148
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It's 1967 and Jethro is a 20-year-old Aussie lad who is about to take up his new posting in Vietnam. Five months later Jethro is on his way home in a medic chopper with a third of his body blown away: one leg is amputated, his right hand and half of his left hand -- gone. And so begins Jethro's journey back to a whole life. This is the story of a wounded soldier and what happens to survivors. And through all his darkest days, Jethro's mates display the true Aussie spirit that has been mythologised since the days of the original Anzacs. Mates who stand by each other no matter what. This is the true story of what it means to be a solider and a man in Australia.