A True History of a Big Hill Near Cudham

ISBN10: 1849635099
ISBN13: 9781849635097
Number Of Pages: 276
Publication Date: 20141031
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781849635097
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A True History of a Big Hill Near Cudham takes place in and around Biggin Hill, beginning when 3 bogus policemen turn up at Howard's front door. He is lured away from home and manoeuvred into visiting the local police station with them. Then Howard and his wife are subsequently kidnapped. A quirky and unusual adventure ensues after their escape, featuring British soldiers who have been stuck underground since 1945 'waiting for a signal to either stand down or attack', Egyptian artefacts, Winston Churchill's underground 'Revenge Outfit', and an army of terracotta statues.