A Summer Murder

ISBN10: 1849632235
ISBN13: 9781849632232
Number Of Pages: 123
Publication Date: 20120831
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781849632232
Amelia Massey attends a summer fete and sets up her stall at Clifton Manor. It is there that she meets a clairvoyant, and although the meeting is premature, the clear message is that some events are likely to occur. A murder at the Manor ensures that she is now considered a potential witness to the crime and as the investigation grows deeper, so does Amelia's fascination with the leading inspector. With the message that romance looms close as well as acts of a sinister nature, her thoughts of her meeting with the clairvoyant come to the forefront of her mind. A Summer Murder is a fast-paced story with twists and turns until the final page. As the police continue their investigations, the mystery of the Manor deepens in their search for an elusive killer.