A Study in Valor

ISBN10: 1600651054
ISBN13: 9781600651052
Number Of Pages: 184
Publication Date: 20100707
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781600651052
Many books have been written about the Bataan Death March, but few have described the deep faith of the heroic men who experienced the horrors of that march. Among the survivors was Clarence Bramley. Tall and lean, he enlisted during World War II with dreams of flying P-40 fighter planes. But the reality of war often dashes young men's dreams. While waiting for the results of his pilot exams, his squadron was ordered to the Philippines where he serviced the very planes he was hoping to fly. Then in the spring of 1942, the islands fell to the Japanese. During the years that followed, Bramley experienced the brutal Death March, incarceration in the Philippines and Taiwan, nightmarish weeks on a Japanese Hell Ship, and forced labor in a prison camp at Kosaka, Japan. He suffered disease and brutality and witnessed the agonizing deaths of close friends and comrades - but he never lost faith in God.