A Smart Woman's Guide to Heart Health

ISBN10: 1554551579
ISBN13: 9781554551576
Number Of Pages: 200
Publication Date: 20100331
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
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Heart disease is North America's leading killer, affecting one in three people and more women than men. Yet this epidemic is preventable and reversible. Regardless of age, you do not have to be one of the millions of people who suffer in hospitals, fill drug prescriptions and require expensive operations.

Heart Smart for Women and the Men They Love provides a fast, safe and effective program for heart disease prevention and treatment. Learn about:

  • Why women are more vulnerable than men
  • What doctors don't tell you about low thyroid's effects on the heart
  • How inflammation and mercury toxicity affect heart health
  • Which foods are super heart-helpers and which to avoid
  • The latest supplements for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Heart-smart and simple exercise programs to strengthen your heart
  • Tools you need to de-stress and love your life