A Sled Dog for Moshi

ISBN10: 1550419560
ISBN13: 9781550419566
Number Of Pages: 32
Publication Date: 20051018
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781550419566
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The young Inuit child Moshi longs for a pet dog like the one owned by her friend Jessica. Moshi's father explains that the puppies that Nuna, their missing sled dog, is expecting are work dogs not playthings. While out walking, Moshi and Jessica are surprised by a sudden whiteout. Nuna finds the children and leads them to shelter in a small shed, where the dog is keeping her puppies. While the girls huddle with the pups, Nuna runs off, soon returning with rescuers. Praised by her father for thinking "like an Inuk" to survive the snow, Moshi happily chooses a pup--deciding she would rather have a sled dog than a pet.