A Rebel's Stone

McHugh, PT

ISBN10: 0981676820
ISBN13: 9780981676821
Number Of Pages: 400
Publication Date: 20180306
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9780981676821
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Jason Evans, newly minted Keeper of the Black Stones, defeated Lord Dresden in the War of the Roses, and saved Medieval England. He knows that much. But the fight isn't over. Not even close. Because Dresden escaped, taking Katherine with him and disappearing into the mists of time. Jason doesn't know what evil Dresden has planned, but he does know that he can't rest until he's found the man. And saved Katherine. Within days of his homecoming, the stones tell him that Dresden's in colonial America, threatening to end the Revolution before it even begins, and bring the new nation to its knees. And then they give him a second message: he has to move quickly, or risk the thread of time itself. Now, with Paul and Tatiana at his side, Jason must once again race into the past to save the world. And this time, he's jumping blind, pushing the stones to their limit, and asking them to do something they've never done for him before. Will he and his friends make it into the past at all? Will they find Dresden, stop him, and save the Revolution itself? Or will they fail, and take America - and the world - down with them? � Follow the time travelers from the critically acclaimed Keeper of the Black Stones as they fight for right, freedom, and the fate of the world in this new romp through time by bestselling author PT McHugh.