A Quirk of Destiny

ISBN10: 1849632278
ISBN13: 9781849632270
Number Of Pages: 344
Publication Date: 20120928
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781849632270
A Quirk of Destiny is a chilling look at a world where science is used against rather than for the good of mankind. Calum O'Connell is a scientist at the Department for Food and Environment assessing the safety of new food technologies. Puzzled by a number of incidents involving fellow scientists he soon finds himself caught up in a deadly worldwide epidemic. Calum suspects genetically-modified food is the cause of the epidemic and sets out in search of the truth. A natural leader, he gathers around him an ever-growing band of people unaffected by the illness in his quest to find answers and refuge from the authorities who seek to silence him. A Quirk of Destiny is a fast-moving story about what happens when too much power is held by too few people.