A Place Not Home

ISBN10: 0773758348
ISBN13: 9780773758346
Number Of Pages: 178
Publication Date: 19960601
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9780773758346
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Life in Communist Hungary isn't easy for thirteen-year-old Nelly. Food is scarce and so are clothes. But she has great friends and a special boy she likes, so the hardships are bearable.

When the Hungarian Revolution erupts in 1956, Nelly's world crumbles. Along with the Revolution comes a new tide of anti-Semitism. Nelly's family is Jewish, and her parents are convinced that the family must flee. Everything she cares about - her cozy room, her favourite books, and her closest friends - will have to stay behind. There's not time even to say good-bye.

Nelly's adventures during the family's harrowing escape to freedom are by turns funny and sad. Will she ever find a place to call home?