A Pathless Land

ISBN10: 1905609582
ISBN13: 9781905609581
Number Of Pages: 236
Publication Date: 20090227
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781905609581
Lapland, 1897.He stared down at the man lying on reindeer skin, his clerical clothes so stained, the fair hair spread in a parody of a halo, matted curls crawling with lice, arms outflung like the crucified Messiah. Was this what the girl he loved so passionately had send him two thousand miles to rescue and bring back to her, a quest with a promise of marriage as his prize? How could this man be anything but a dangerous, even fatal, burden in the desperate struggle to find a way to safety, across this vast, deceptively beautiful wilderness?Set around this epic journey, 'A Pathless Land' is a compelling love story and a poigniant search for personal truth.I felt plunged into a powerful place... and was swept along. Immensely worthwhile. -- Piers Plowright, triple Prix Italia winner and Radio 4's 'Saturday Review' critic.