A Past Lesson

ISBN10: 1844330117
ISBN13: 9781844330119
Number Of Pages: 204
Publication Date: 20110428
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781844330119
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When war breaks out Emma Attwood joins the land army on her father's estate. With new confidence, she soon earns the respect of her father, the farmer, the girls and also Edward Grey, a Major training the troops on the other side of the estate. Although married, he falls in love with Emma. When they are discovered, Emma is left pregnant and unmarried. Years later Emma returns back to her family home which is now a girls' school. She meets Jill the headmistress, keen for her pupils to consider their future with optimism. Emma is happy to participate in a discussion with the pupils until a very outspoken, troubled girl voices her opinion. Matilda soon apologises but Emma is curious to find out the dilemma behind the outburst. Now she sees history repeating itself, and it is her actions of the past that have caused the problems of the present.