A Littleton Lad... In His Own Words

ISBN10: 1849631611
ISBN13: 9781849631617
Number Of Pages: 214
Publication Date: 20120831
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
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Austen Hooker 'a Littleton Lad' spent his childhood on the family nursery surrounded by hay fields and skylarks in the middle of the Hampshire countryside. He takes us through his teenage war years of sorrow and laughter to a lifetime spent working with plants and flowers. He tells of his interest in sport, music and the countryside as well as his time as a TV and radio gardener. His life has been bound together by the love of his family and the community of the village of Littleton where he has lived and worked for over 80 years. He speaks simply and straightforwardly with many humorous asides. His powers of observation are second to none and those who know him will hear his voice in our heads as we read along.