A Liar & A Cheat

ISBN10: 0979861462
ISBN13: 9780979861468
Publication Date: 20130122
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9780979861468
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A Liar & A Cheat follows the lives of four friends.LIA, scorned by her first love and conned into being a mistress, decides to flip the script. She dubs herself the MANEATER, user and abuser of all men, paying special attention to the married ones! SIDNEY wakes up one to an insatiable itch when marriage to her blue collar husband can no longer satisfy her career driven personality or her mounting sexual appetite. For the last four years, KIM has been foolishly pacified by her boyfriend into delaying the prospect of marriage, until she finds herself staring at the plus sign of a pregnancy test. Kim decides to swallow the affairs, the lies, and force his hand in marriage. But is it really worth the trouble?MYA prided herself on having the relationship that everyone admired. Adultery was as foreign as a Third World country, and just as beneath her. With the discovery of a devastating affair, Mya must decide if the fa?ade is worth more to her than the truth.