A History of Britain book VIII

ISBN10: 1906768498
ISBN13: 9781906768492
Number Of Pages: 190
Publication Date: 20111215
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Hardback
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This massively popular series, first released in 1937, tells thestory of our islands in a straightforward, chronologicalnarrative. Carter and Mears' writing is fast-paced, muscular anddirect, and covers the matrix of British history including overseasevents, the arts, religion and major social changes.Updated and revised by an expert hand, this series is being revivedat a time when the failure of our schools to provide a connected,fact-based sense of the events that defined our nation, is beingrightly and increasingly lamented by politicians, parents and themedia. Volume VIII, covers the SecondWorld War and its aftermath, the foundation of the modern welfarestate and great technological leaps forward.