A Healing Initiation

ISBN10: 1921221879
ISBN13: 9781921221873
Number Of Pages: 319
Publication Date: 20090601
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781921221873
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Thoreau once wrote, Most men lead lives of quiet desperation. These days, that desperation is not so quiet anymore. People desperately cry out for relief... for healing. Quantum frequencies, newly discovered, are bringing about healing that is unprecedented in our time. In Melissa Hocking's premiere title, A Healing Initiation, Recognize the Healer Within, the reader is chaperoned through an empowering journey of self discovery, experiencing true healing as never before...from within. The originator of the Quantum Bioenergetic Balancing Technique, and founder of melissa hocking healing, Melissa Hocking is an established Healing Facilitator, a capable teacher and an engaging presenter. A Healing Initiation already is a much anticipated read by Melissa's clients, students and audiences the world over. Uniquely qualified and genuinely gifted, Melissa accompanies the reader through their own journey of healing discovery, candidly imparting wisdom and lesson, born of her own experience throughout, so that they may ignite the healer within themselves.