A Good Man

ISBN10: 088762118X
ISBN13: 9780887621185
Number Of Pages: 288
Publication Date: 20030301
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Hardback
SKU: 9780887621185
When his best friend is murdered in a fit of jealous rage, Izzy Schneider is compelled to reconstruct the relationship and exhume a hidden past that tests the authority of truth and weighs the burden of history. In A Good Man, critically acclaimed novelist Cynthia Holz examines Izzy's complex lifelong friendship with Phil Lewis. Izzy escapes from Nazi Germany as a young man, leaving behind his family, who later perish in the Holocaust; Phil, a war hero, stays and fights with the partisans and saves hundreds of lives. For the rest of his life, Izzy suffers constant, unbearable guilt because he did not remain to fight like his friend Phil, and because his family is lost forever. Izzy's daughter, Eva, tangled in the legacy of Phil's good life and Izzy's shame, struggles to understand her father and to make amends for a secret love affair that threatens to tear both families apart. A superb story of loss and regret, A Good Man explores history distorted through the shaded lens of time.