A Day in the Life of La Gatita de Oro in Apt. 6-J

ISBN10: 1938501578
ISBN13: 9781938501579
Number Of Pages: 32
Publication Date: 20141010
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Hardback
SKU: 9781938501579
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As a Latina bids adios to her beloved cat named La Gatita de Oro, she advises her to get some kind of exercise instead of sleeping and eating treats all day.  What's a cat living in an apartment to do?  La Gatita de Oro consults with her bird friends, Robertito and Inesita.They say the answer is quite simple: salsa dancing! Qué rico! So La Gatita de Oro turns on the stereo and the sounds of congas and bongos and timbales fill the air and she begins to move. So does she dance the day away? This story is written in English with some Spanish words anyone can easily learn.