A Concise History of Nauvoo

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Number Of Pages: 84
Publication Date: 20060730
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Nauvoo the Beautiful is looked upon by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as the pinnacle of early Church history. As an organization, the Church experienced rapid growth and proselyting success that would herald the modern claim that it is the fastest growing church on earth. As a people, Church members in early Nauvoo enjoyed economic prosperity and political power unparalleled in the Church's history. The early Nauvoo era was a time of beauty, artistry, humor, industry, spirituality, courage, trial, and tragedy. Beginning with the bright hope of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and ending with the martyrdom of the Church's first prophet, Joseph Smith, early Nauvoo represents the dedication today's Church members aspire to and the religious intolerance they seek to overcome. Today, Church members by the hundreds of thousands flock to Nauvoo to remember her past and look forward to her future.