A Collection of Short Horror Stories

ISBN10: 1849631581
ISBN13: 9781849631587
Number Of Pages: 75
Publication Date: 20120824
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781849631587
A Collection of Short Horror Stories by Joseph Inzirillo. American writer Joseph Inzirillo has been a passionate student of the occult, traditional and fringe science, religion and conspiracy theories for nearly 40 years. This collection of three Short Horror Stories demonstrates his depth of knowledge and love of the genre. Shama is haunted in his waking and sleeping hours and is seeking release from the ceaseless torment, which seems linked to a past he cannot remember. You Need to Stare at the Enemy, to See the Truth A world in conflict and turmoil with wars raging over the planet... until they arrived. Small yellow-green organisms descend from the sky imprisoning people in their own bodies. The Pineal Gland Series: It's Only a Game! An insight into the mind of a mass murderer with a penchant for pineal glands. The unseen Mentor prompts his ritualistic murders in South Florida. But what's the truth behind this madman's killing spree? Three very different but chilling stories each with an unexpected ending.